Sunday, 29 July 2012

About Me!

Welcome to my 'Making Space'! My name is Sophie and this is a blog about all the pretty things that I make... I have a beautiful little girl called Sunny and I blog about my life as a mummy (and more) over at Modern Day Mummying!

Take a look!

Me and My Sunny over at Modern Day Mummying

Apart from my beautiful baby, my loves include: shoes, chocolate, coffee, more shoes, crafting – quilting at the moment to be exact, sewing, fashion, discovering and following inspiring crafty and fashion blogs, more shoes, hoarding beautiful fabric and cooking, baking and eating!

So here is where I'll be posting about my crafting, quilting, sewing, applique projects and anything crafty that catches my eye! I'm a self-taught crafter... With a little help from my BIG sister (that's what they're for)! I love discovering and trying new things and hope to have 'real' style one day! I love things vintage and girly with a bit of a modern twist.

I hope you'll enjoy my "Making Space"... Thanks for stopping by.

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